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Date: 11/03/05-05:43:41 AM Z
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Tom Sobota wrote:
> Katharine,
> thanks for this information. I suspected as much when I could only find
> references to this paper in USA or Canadian sites.
> Of course now the question that arises is: why all this? Are the rest of
> the world acuarelists more traditional or conservative in their paper
> tastes than their USA and Canada colleagues?

My source wouldn't speculate about this, although I tried to get him to.
He just said that for whatever reason, paper manufacturers don't always
market a paper everywhere (see example below).

> But then Fabriano _does_ include their Artistico Extra White in their
> catalog ( so it seems that they don't
> consider a very white paper to be something to be ashamed of :-)

Although according to my source, Fabriano didn't market Uno anywhere but
in the U.S.

> Funny that the paper makers should be doing the old detergent routine: my
> paper is whiter than yours ...

Chuckle, yeah it is funny. Whiter than white! Like I said, it's not the
whiteness of the Arches bright white that appeals to me; it's the
wonderful smoothness of the surface, which maintains its closed
smoothness through numerous soakings (unlike other HP papers which in my
experience become open and coarse once soaked) and its thin crisp
character which makes more fast drying. Sorry it's not available
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