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Hi Katherine,

Yes, I found the same article. I've Googled, Yahood, asked
Jeeves,hotbotted and Altavistered 'till mty fingerprints have worn
away..No Luck this side of the pond.

Further to that, I have found an Inkjet paper, Arches Infinity, which is
guess what, yes, Arches Bright White with an 'invisible' receptor coat
for inkjet printers. And another guess what, where is it available? USA
- Canada only.

I can't understand the marketing logic at all and refuse to purchase a
paper from the USA or Canada which overflies not only the country of
manufacture but all its European 'partners'. Not only would the paper be
more expensive in total, the cost to the world we live in is punitive.

I note that the French have a certain attitude toward the English (Scots
are different - due to the 'Grand Alliance'. I once accessed a French
site, I won't say which one, which had a choice of languages with which
to view the site. You clicked on a little flag to choose. Which flag do
you think flew over the word English? Yup, The Stars and Stripes...

To quote a famous alt-photo person


David H

Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Okay, here's what I've been able to learn, from someone who is very
> knowledgeable about paper:
> The Arches bright white is definitely an Arches watercolor paper and
> comes from the Arches factory exactly as it is sold. It is apparently
> marketed only in North America, and perhaps the reason the Arches site
> doesn't acknowledge its existence is because they'd rather not admit to
> their European and UK customers that they are making papers that are
> only available elsewhere.
> I asked him about the secondhand suggestion on handprint about the
> bright white papers possibly changing color or deteriorating; he said he
> would not be at all concerned about the Arches bright white paper as far
> as longevity and maintaining its white color; it doesn't contain any
> optical brighteners or bleaches and he's not aware of any problem with
> the paper. He When comparing it to Fabriano Extra White, he said in an
> aside that he suspects that the Fabriano paper might contain optical
> brighteners or other chemicals to whiten it, but I doubt he would want
> to be quoted on that surmise, and he didn't say that he knows of any
> actual problem with the paper as a result.
> So that's what I've learned about Arches bright white,
> Katharine
> Katharine Thayer wrote:
>>This is interesting, but puzzling. Why would a paper that's manufactured
>>in France be available only in North America? Well, another item to add
>>to my list of things I can't fathom.
>>But when I went to find what I could find about the paper, I found
>>Bruce McEvoy's caution (about all extra white papers)
>>a bit troubling. He says that the Arches bright white "is a recent
>>addition to the line, following a growing industry trend toward whiter
>>supports" and adds, citing another author, that sheets marketed as
>>bright white [or extra white, I presume] "usually contain more chemical
>>additives and are more likely to change color or deteriorate over time."
>>Since the Arches is said to contain no optical brighteners or bleaches,
>>I wonder if I should take this warning to heart; what do paper experts
>>think about this?
>>The annoying thing is that I don't even like a white white paper; I
>>prefer a warmer, gentler white. If they would make this new paper in the
>>old color, I would be totally happy.
>>Tom Sobota wrote:
>>>You have R.K.Burt and Co., ( They are in London
>>>and sell Arches, Fabriano, Hahnemühle, the lot.
>>>Lawrence Art Supplies also sell Arches: ( They
>>>have an online shop.
>>>I cannot find any 'Bright White Hot Press' paper in their online catalogs,
>>>however. Lawrence sell something called 'Arches Blanc', that is, white, in
>>>several weights, no mention whether it is cold or hot press.
>>>Perhaps it is a trade name used only in the States and in Canada? Curry's
>>>in Canada sell a 'Arches Blanc Brillant' :
>>> but I
>>>cannot find references to this paper in Europe.
>>>You'd better ask this Purcell, anyway. They will know. Perhaps you could
>>>post whatever they tell you?
>>>I have been also intrigued by this paper and could not find it. Seems that
>>>they are producing it since 2000, but it is nowhere to be seen in the
>>>Arches France catalogs. At least the online ones.
>>>For the time being, I'll stick to Fabriano :-)
>>>At 20:44 02/11/2005, you wrote:
>>>>Hi Tom,
>>>>Yes thanks for that. They (Purcell) only show Arches Aquarelle on their
>>>>website however. I'll shoot 'em an e-mail. I can't find a single retailer
>>>>David H
>>>>(Roast Beef)
>>>>Tom Sobota wrote:
>>>>>The Arches site in France
>>>>>mentions only one distributor in UK:
>>>>>15 Rumsey Road
>>>>>Tel : 00 44 71 737 51 99
>>>>>Fax : 00 44 71 737 67 35
>>>>>Perhaps you could ask there.
>>>>>Regards from an ... ahem ... Continental European?
>>>>>At 17:09 02/11/2005, you wrote:
>>>>>>Katharine Thayer wrote:
>>>>>>It's the Arches
>>>>>>>Bright White Hot Press that I am presently using and really really love
>>>>>>Hi Katherine,
>>>>>>It looks like one of those US/UK things. I've scoured the internet
>>>>>>looking for a supplier of Arches bright white in the UK. No luck. Can't
>>>>>>find any anywhere.
>>>>>>Any European or British printers know of a source?
>>>>>>David H
>>>>>>(the Euro/Brit thing is a joke :)
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