Re: Portable packable plate pdf plans perchance?

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/23/05-03:06:37 PM Z
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>>> 03/23/05 3:14 PM >>>

Wow! Are you going to get a mule, too? Backpacking wetplate solo would
quite a feat. Lots of gear and lots of liquids to carry with you. In
addition to your silver bath and fixer, you'll also need plenty of
Good luck!



Where I'm planning to do this I would be off road maybe 1/2 mile tops
and around plenty of water. I've already got a cart made for hauling
the 11x14 stuff into the woods so adding a bit more equipment doesn't
seem too bad. The weight of the plates would be limiting but I don't
plan on cranking out a whole bunch of images or doing large plates

The "backpacking" wouldn't be much of a challenge as you'll recall I'm
located in the midwestern US. Not like I'll be climbing the Rockies or
descending the Grand Canyon. I just need to drive close to the
locations I have in mind and set up camp a little distance in. Should
be do-able.

The more rugged locations I have in mind are on private property where
I'd have access to an ATV and trailer. I could probably set up a
darkroom tent on the ATV.

I'm not doing the grand vistas but rather have portraits and figure
stuff in mind so there would always be an extra back around.

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