RE: You want 100 books?

Date: 03/23/05-03:24:08 PM Z
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>'s a question....can we some a few pages pulled off the press and
>the book jacket instead of the whole compiled book? As long as the binding
>and cover are suitable and/or well-represented on the website. Aye?

Dudley Harris (of will happily donate a copy of his
book so interested people on the list can pass it around and make
decisions on quality, etc.

Y'all duke it out as to whom the book should first go. Then just email me
the contact info (try to make it someone in the U.S. please) including
phone number and I'll get it to Dudley.

He'll ship the book to that guy/gal and then you can pass it around from
person to person.

Hope this helps!

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