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Wow! Are you going to get a mule, too? Backpacking wetplate solo would be
quite a feat. Lots of gear and lots of liquids to carry with you. In
addition to your silver bath and fixer, you'll also need plenty of water.
Good luck!


> Mark,
> Thanks for the links. I hadn't seen those sites although I do have John
> Coffer's site bookmarked.
> I'm thinking of building a portable darkroom that would be backpackable
> and something like a French easel in design. The sides, base/box, and
> top would be wood panels and the front probably a cannibalized changing
> bag with sleeves. The base would have wells for trays and bottles and
> the top would incorporate a safelight filter that could be peered
> through when sensitizing for developing plates. The back would have
> straps and/or elasticized cords for holding the nitrate and fixing
> tanks. One side would have a baffled, hinged, large access door to
> which the plateholder could be affixed. When closed, the door would
> hold the plate holder vertically so the back of the holder could be
> easily opened and the glass plate inserted or removed. I'll probably
> also put a drain and plug somewhere in the base.
> Folded, I think I could make such a box perhaps 28" wide x 20" deep x
> 4"-6" high. (Bottles and tanks to be transported in an exterior bag of
> some sort.) When expanded the interior space might be 26"x18"x18" or
> thereabouts. I think this might be sufficient for doing full plates and
> 5x7s. (I'll have to mock something up from cardboard to see if that
> will be enough room. But, if veterans have any insight as to whether
> this is enough room to work comfortably, I'd like to hear their comments
> and suggestions.)
> I'll start drawing up some plans this weekend and would be open to
> sharing them among interested parties.
> Thanks again for the pointers.
> Joe
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