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Good morning!!!

You see my heading: I wanted to appease Stuart Goldstein who said all the
SPE posts were not alt list material. Hence, I'll add a blurb about a new
brush at the end to make the post worth everybody's while. I disagree,
Stuart, that it is "off" alt list stuff because it was open to all alt
listers--but let's not start a Fibber closet war over it :)

For one, a group of us did get together and what fun to meet each other! I
was really impressed with us! For two, Bill Kennedy, Janet Neuhauser,
Darryl Baird, Aubrey (former student of Darryl's--there were a number of
them there sitting at his feet and hanging on his every word at all times)
and I continued the discussion of digital vs. film, what is a photograph,
and all those things hashing out right now on the alt list. The benefit was
it was over beer so we never had knockdowndragouts--even if Bill totally
disagreed with me. That's why I decided on bourbon.

Darryl shared his new Picturesque venture that he will be on sabbatical for
this fall. Very cool concept AND he has an interactive website. He's doing
a rephotography project, so ask him more about it. Meeting Janet, I wished
I could go back and be her student--great energy level and smarts. Janet,
missed you for the gallery opening :( but I heard the space was really
small, anyway, so it is better I didn't go. Bill gave a great talk on how
to integrate digital into the curriculum. Made me want to move down to TX
and teach where he is, seeing as his university is so financially supportive
of his program. There were those of us gasping in the audience when he said
they update all equipment every two years. Also that their dept. requires
all students to have their own C84 printer.

Charles Ryberg, it would've been fine to show up at the reception--it wasn't
closed to SPE. The only problem was the fact that there were 1000 people
there. Silly me. Finding us in a group that size was a joke. I looked for
Darryl's ponytail, but never having seen Bill or Janet or others before, I
had to go around staring at everyone's chest (heheheh) for their nametags.

But the bar downstairs was quiet and uncrowded.

Next year, y'all, it is in Chicago.

Now, what I wanted to share was this: at CAA I was passing by a trade booth
and handed this free brush. I was going to throw it or give it away,
because I figured I wasn't going to use it. On a fluke I decided to try it
out on gum development and it is a CHARM!!!! It is a weird material: it is
called Langnickel 4510 snow white. It is gold handled, black tipped, and
the brush is a flat, looks like 1/4 inch. What I like about it is it is
stiff but soft, like velvet. I can get into teeny corners with the edge of
it, very sharp and stiff edge, yet it doesn't ruin or grit up a gum coat. I
was really blown away. I know it is a synthetic material, but the stiffness
and the softness is really a great combo for gum development.

My two cents for the day. Off to Spring Break.
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