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Date: 03/22/05-08:06:22 AM Z
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found it:


Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Now, what I wanted to share was this: at CAA I was passing by a trade
> booth and handed this free brush. I was going to throw it or give it
> away, because I figured I wasn't going to use it. On a fluke I decided
> to try it out on gum development and it is a CHARM!!!! It is a weird
> material: it is called Langnickel 4510 snow white. It is gold
> handled, black tipped, and the brush is a flat, looks like 1/4 inch.
> What I like about it is it is stiff but soft, like velvet. I can get
> into teeny corners with the edge of it, very sharp and stiff edge, yet
> it doesn't ruin or grit up a gum coat. I was really blown away. I
> know it is a synthetic material, but the stiffness and the softness is
> really a great combo for gum development.
> My two cents for the day. Off to Spring Break.
> Chris
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