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Date: 03/22/05-06:20:34 AM Z
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The thread has been dead since March 14, from what I have seen--it is
now March 21 (by my calendar at least).

The only stirring on the matter is your post, and mine.

Peter Marshall wrote:
> I had hoped this was finished, but opened my mail today to see the
> inauguration of a new round, with a promise that we should "stay tuned
> for some excerpts" from past squabbles.
> Is it too late to urge a little moderated self-restraint? Perhaps if
> everyone was to get more of a life away from this list, restrict
> themselves to a maximum of perhaps two or three short messages a day,
> avoid offensive subject titles and take care to stick purely and simply
> to the practical advice concerned with alt photography?
> But I can't see it happening unless backed by prompt action by the list
> minders, including a ban on postings such as those threatened above -
> and if necessary the removal from the list of anyone who tries to stoke
> these pointless and off-topic acrimonious disputes.
> I suspect I will be accused of 'taking sides' by some. I'm trying hard
> not to, since I'd like a list without 'sides', though of course there
> will sometimes be disagreements and misunderstandings. But here we seem
> to have obsessive behaviour that threatens the future of the list, and
> certainly unless something is done soon, I'll be looking for the
> instructions on how to unsubscribe after many years.
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