The Bickersons, was - Fibber McGee's Closet

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Date: 03/15/05-07:08:06 PM Z
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Although this thread's subject line started as, 'Fibber McGee's Closet', I
think it now has evolved into the 'Bickersons.' It has become a lugubrious
comedy, a farce that seems to have no end. Thankfully I haven't worn out my
'Del' key.

But speaking of lugubrious, some member's posts to the list should more
aptly belong to a blog on their web site. I don't find long repetitive
opinionated diatribes to be beneficial to the list.

So could the list owner and minders (who ever they may be now or in the
future) show some backbone and banish, or at the very least censure, these
individuals? Whether or not a minder reads every post, I think it is obvious
when an individual or individuals are pulling the list down and squashing
participation by the greater list population. I don't think there is an over
whelming need to be consider the fairness of such actions when the best
interests of the list are considered.

In short I've been on the list for quite a few years and I'm sick of this

My 2 cents,

Don Bryant
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