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Don, you have omitted the offending text so I'm not able to determine if I
agree with you or not.........


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Subject: The Bickersons, was - Fibber McGee's Closet

> Although this thread's subject line started as, 'Fibber McGee's Closet', I
> think it now has evolved into the 'Bickersons.' It has become a lugubrious
> comedy, a farce that seems to have no end. Thankfully I haven't worn out
> 'Del' key.
> But speaking of lugubrious, some member's posts to the list should more
> aptly belong to a blog on their web site. I don't find long repetitive
> opinionated diatribes to be beneficial to the list.
> So could the list owner and minders (who ever they may be now or in the
> future) show some backbone and banish, or at the very least censure, these
> individuals? Whether or not a minder reads every post, I think it is
> when an individual or individuals are pulling the list down and squashing
> participation by the greater list population. I don't think there is an
> whelming need to be consider the fairness of such actions when the best
> interests of the list are considered.
> In short I've been on the list for quite a few years and I'm sick of this
> crap.
> My 2 cents,
> Don Bryant
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