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Date: 03/16/05-12:34:04 AM Z
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From: Don Bryant <>
Subject: The Bickersons, was - Fibber McGee's Closet
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:08:06 -0500

> But speaking of lugubrious, some member's posts to the list should more
> aptly belong to a blog on their web site. I don't find long repetitive
> opinionated diatribes to be beneficial to the list.

Agreed 100%. However,

> Whether or not a minder reads every post, I think it is obvious when
> an individual or individuals are pulling the list down and squashing
> participation by the greater list population.

I am afraid that may send a wrong message: if you annoy the entire
list enough, even if you are the main source of the trouble, the
guilty gets discounted to 50% level. In my view it is not fair to
allow someone to piss off people like that and get the situation
"reset" all of sudden just because everyone is sick of the crap. I am
also sick of it. I don't see an overwhelming need to consider
fairness. But I do see some need to consider fairness.

My 2 centimes.

Ryuji Suzuki
"Well, believing is all right, just don't let the wrong people know
what it's all about." (Bob Dylan, Need a Woman, 1982)
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