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Mike and Hans,

How novel!! A real post :)!

My bottom line on transparency material: I only use Pictorico in a process
wherein I require one negative (hence, not tricolor gum) AND/OR when the
process's materials are more expensive than Pictorico itself (e.g.
palladium). Then I don't feel bad about choking out $5 a sheet.

Otherwise any transparency will do: Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, 3M,
Apollo, hmmm....I know there have been more I have used, OHH of
course--Photo Warehouse, the cheapest of them all. They all work, as long
as you print on the right side. There was one, though, don't remember now
which, that printed inconsistently, with some blotchiness due to coating I
presumed of the ink absorbent material, but I don't think that is

I even printed a colorized neg on Photo Warehouse with the PDN Nelson
system, and it worked fine: no smearing or problems. It is thinner and
therefore faster exposure than Pictorico by 1/3 or 1/2 stop.

That's interesting about the C84, Mike...I have not printed Pictorico in it,
but I will beware.

 And the C84 breaks up a ten-inch print job into three colors in the last
inch of the printing.

> Hi everybody,
: Do I need to use something like "Ultrafine" or other high end
> clear film for making digital negatives, or can I use something as low
> tech as 3M Transparency film? What qualities should I be looking for
> in a film base for my negatives?
> Hans Klemmer
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