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It's a total drag. The two good things about it, though, are that I've been forced to learn
to do this right even though my materials suck - sort of like finetuning your darkroom
skills on 20x24" paper by using a busy gang darkroom at the local community college, I
suppose; and that as soon as I am able, I am going to buy one of those monsters that
prints onto rolls. Meanwhile, I personally would not do the C84 again, although the negs
I'm printing really do work. In fact, they work on Pictorico, as long as your enlargement
doesn't encroach into the last 1-1.5 inches of the feed. You just take your 2.25x3.75 inch
negs and print to 5x7. How's THAT for a Pictorico "enlarged neg"?!

No problem, though, going to 8x10 on a thinner base. We FINALLY are getting some
sun this week down here in AZ, so I'm about to try printing a 7x10-inch oiled paper neg I
must have generated, jeez, over the New Year's weekend, or was it Thanksgiving. The
C84 did a marvelous job on that one's size, because the paper's thickness was "normal".


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> That's interesting about the C84, Mike...I have not printed Pictorico
> in it, but I will beware. Chris
> And the C84 breaks up a ten-inch print job into three colors in the
> last
> inch of the printing.
> Mike
> > Hi everybody,
> : Do I need to use something like "Ultrafine" or other high end
> > clear film for making digital negatives, or can I use something as
> > low tech as 3M Transparency film? What qualities should I be looking
> > for in a film base for my negatives? Hans Klemmer
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