Re: List minders - reply from a list minder.

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Date: 03/14/05-09:04:31 AM Z
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I'll 'second' that!

>However, while I very much appreciate (and mostly, or largely agree with)
>Bob's comments above, I think it's worth mentioning what a friend of mine
>who is on MANY lists (I don't know how he does it) said on the topic... He
>said some of the lists he likes best have no "list minders" at all, and do
>get into major kerfluffles... So what happens? They just run their
>course, he says, and folks get over it...and life goes on.
>There is, if things don't go absolutely to hell, much merit in letting
>folks express grievances, in fact the inability to express/accept
>"personal" remarks is often the hallmark of a dysfunctional family (and
>what keeps shrinks in their bread and water).
>Which is to say, it's possible that the "cure" (ban on anything
>"offtopic") could be worse for "the list" than the "disease." And a steady
>stream of "just the scientific facts" would be a bore, especially since a
>lot of those "facts" have been repeated many times. I'd also suggest that
>those troubled (rather than fascinated) by these digressions really really
>could simply delete without reading. In fact why they don't is another
>interesting question. (Is it like rubbernecking at a 3-car pile-up?)
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