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Date: 03/12/05-09:32:16 AM Z
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> Could it be that putting the hardener IN the gelatin makes a/the
> difference? Or -- were these spray developed??? Maybe spray development is
> *better* with boiled ?
> Judy

I do put the hardener in the gelatin. I do use glut. I brush on my
hardener. This is on Fabriano Artistico EW hot press and cold TW.

I spray develop if I am doing assembly line gum printing as I call it--8
large ones at once where I have to really push them thru the bathtub because
I am going to have to leave to teach class in 20 minutes :) Or if there is
a layer that is recalcitrant. So some are spray developed, some are not.

BTW, I find that I can spray develop a print that has been in the water for
quite a while, without the whole layer sloughing off. Spray development
works so much "cleaner" than a brush, and more globally than locally.
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