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Date: 03/11/05-10:23:57 PM Z
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On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> ... I was having a surprise (understatement)
> appearance of a daughter of my husband's from 30 some years ago suddenly
> appear in our lives--**quite** the surprise for me, and our kids, the latter
> who were not in the know. I feel part of the "who's your daddy" group now.

I wonder if these things run in cycles... We had dinner this week with a
second cousin we hadn't seen in years, and he proudly showed us pictures
of what he called his "outside daughter" and her baby, and his "inside
daughter" with her baby about the same age. (The daughters looked
surprisingly alike, though we couldn't tell much about the babies.) For
better or worse I don't think there are any wills in the offing,

> Yes, folks, all 30 sheets printed smooth as a baby's butt, with no speckling.
> They better have--they'll all be in my thesis show in a month.

Could it be that putting the hardener IN the gelatin makes a/the
difference? Or -- were these spray developed??? Maybe spray development is
*better* with boiled ?

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