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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Katharine,
> Feel free to post the pic.
> That paper didn't speckle, it spotched. That saga was where the hot water
> shrinking bath wreaked havoc with the manufacturer paper sizing and left
> huge spots and streaks.

It also looks like speckling to me, but I won't argue about it. The
point is that with certain papers, getting the water too hot, whether in
shrinking or in sizing, can wreak havoc with the print because it seems
to mess with the factory size. As I said, I don't think it has anything
to do with gelatin, much less with boiling gelatin; that was a red
herring that was raised to a huge issue by non gum printers who rudely
barged into a discussion of this topic.

> I have gotten the speckling (I'm talking teeny pinpoint specks very visible
> in the highlights, like the speckles on a robin's egg, or like blackheads
> (magenta heads) on a person's face) on Rives BFK with glyoxal sizing, no
> boiled gelatin, in the past, **all** the time, and usually on the third
> layer. So at a certain point the sizing breaks down and the pigment sinks
> into the top little paper fibers.

There are other causes for speckling, of course, beyond this hot water
thing; no argument there. Unsized Arches, for example, as it's now
constituted, speckles like everything although in earlier formulation it
didn't. But that's a different issue.
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