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Date: 03/11/05-02:40:44 PM Z
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I remembered that I actually have this print, since you sent it to me so
I could put it up on my website for people to look at. Funny, I
remembered it as one kid diving, but actually it's a bigger kid with a
littler kid on his shoulders. I've got it out there ready to go, but
since it's your image I won't post the URL without your permission.

> Katharine Thayer wrote:

> Actually, I think we've seen something in the past that sort of
> tangentially supports this idea. Chris, remember the weird prints you
> got on the papers that you shrank in hot water in the bathtub? (A kid
> diving off a diving board, is the print I remember). That was a very
> definite effect of hot water on the factory sizing of the paper. But I
> don't remember what the paper was, or whether there was speckling, or
> whether it was even a multiple print.
> Katharine
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