Re: Boiling gelatin

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Date: 03/11/05-11:31:34 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:

> To my mind this speckling problem that I've seen occurring with hot size
> is not about whether gelatin has been boiled or not that makes the
> difference, but the temperature on application. And again, let me repeat
> that for all I know this may not be the same for all papers or for all
> hardeners. But what I suspect is that it's not about how hot the gelatin
> is, but how hot the water is; in other words I'm thinking the speckling
> effect that I've seen with hot (never boiling) gelatin size, on Arches
> papers, with no size and with gelatin-gesso size,

Sorry, this last phrase got garbled in translation to English. I meant
I've seen this effect with plain (unhardened) gelatin, and with gelatin
mixed with gesso.
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