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Date: 03/11/05-11:29:04 AM Z
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Addendum for clarification:

Katharine Thayer wrote:

> And if my speculation has any merit, then it would make sense that I
> would see the effect in Arches paper, since it is factory-sized with

and according to what an Arches technical representative told me, the
gelatin size is unhardened,

so there's no reason that hot water wouldn't dissolve it, as far as I
can see.

>and that Chris wouldn't see the effect in Fabriano Extra-White,
> since it is not factory-sized with gelatin but with some other substance
> which is most likely not subject to the same disruption. What do you
> think? It makes a whole lot of sense to me,
> Katharine
> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> >
> > One last post for the day (yeah, right).
> >
> > In the middle of thesis (re)writing the Jewelia hoopla was a happenin'.
> >
> > Mind you, on MY side of the fence, I was having a surprise (understatement)
> > appearance of a daughter of my husband's from 30 some years ago suddenly
> > appear in our lives--**quite** the surprise for me, and our kids, the
> > latter who were not in the know. I feel part of the "who's your daddy"
> > group now. All's well; she looks just like him and is grumpy in the
> > mornings just like he is. Will wonders never cease. His 88 year old mother
> > told him he's written out of the will and the newfound granddaughter is in
> > :).
> >
> > Now I know that is an overshare, but I'm not one to hold back, as y'all well
> > know. And I bring it up because I have been on this list for 6 years now,
> > and I do consider each and every one of you "family", even though we have
> > our off moments. And there are far more important things in life to bitch
> > about than Jewelia (Now, Gordon, "bitch" is tamer a word than "cunt" and
> > it's even on TV).
> >
> > NOW, I thought I'd come out of the closet with something FAR more important
> > that I swore I'd never talk about on this list (I lied): I BOILED MY
> >
> > Yes, folks, all 30 sheets printed smooth as a baby's butt, with no
> > speckling. They better have--they'll all be in my thesis show in a month.
> >
> > This proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about speckling except I, for one, will no
> > longer worry about whether or not I accidentally overheat my jello ever
> > again while attending to the soap opera called my life.
> >
> > Now THAT'S something to argue about. Open the floodgates...
> > Chris
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