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Damn Katherine, I thought that you were going to have something to say about
wills, or daughters or... just gum printing

Where is the excitement there? : )

And Chris, may all of your babies butts be as smooth as a good scotch with
the proverbial cigar ; )

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> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
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> > Yes, folks, all 30 sheets printed smooth as a baby's butt, with no
> > speckling. They better have--they'll all be in my thesis show in a
> month.
> >
> > This proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about speckling except I, for one, will
> no
> > longer worry about whether or not I accidentally overheat my jello ever
> > again while attending to the soap opera called my life.
> >
> > Now THAT'S something to argue about. Open the floodgates...
> Well, actually, I don't think it's anything to argue about at all; it's
> just another data point among an infinite number of possible data
> points. The problem comes when you, or I, or anyone, takes one bit of
> data and draws an overreaching conclusion from it,a temptation we we all
> are susceptible to once in a while.
> Obviously in gum printing the problem how to make sense of so many
> contradictory observations. For example, I accidentally got the gelatin
> as hot as 170 degrees when I sized paper last week, and the one piece of
> paper I sized with that hotter gelatin speckled on the third layer of a
> tricolor gum. As I said last time this subject was batted around, it's
> possible that different hardening agents behave differently with regard
> to this, and maybe it's that different papers behave differently with
> regard to this, but one thing that I would never say and have never
> said (although people have sometimes mistakenly attributed this kind of
> statement to me) is that my observations nullify your observations, nor
> would I say that your observations nullify mine. It's only when we
> start pooling all our observations, as I've said before, that we will
> ever start seeing what the elephant looks like as a whole animal. My
> 2cents,
> Katharine
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