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Date: 03/11/05-11:11:21 AM Z
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Well, the good news is that the company that made my 5X7 tri-color
camera back in the 1930s, National Photocolor, is still in business.
See at

Other good news is that someone on the list actually has a manual for
use of this camera and is going to provide me with a copy. He has
also already restored one and promises to be an invaluable resource
in my own work.

The bad news is that some of the parts I will need for the
restoration, in particular pellicle mirrors, are fairly expensive.

I will try to remember to document the progress of this project for
those who might be interested.


> > I've been out of the loop on this one - but I have a tri-color
>> camera, and had the pellicles rebuilt by National Camera (yes - they
>> still exist!) down by New York City. If you need infomation, please
>> contact me offlist. I have lots of suggestions.
>Please do this ON the list, so it will be in the archive for future
>reference by others.!
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