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  Hello Dave,
  I agree with your comment.Amen,
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> Hi All,
> I hope I won't get caught in all these arguments and debates, but as an
> oldtimer, I must say that I think Judy's original post was neutral,
> and you might even call it historical. I don't see anything demeaning in
> Jewelia did have a sex change. She told the list about it beforehand. If
> remember correctly, she foretold her "death." Since that happened before
> operation, I took not as meaning that she would physically die, but that
> would become a completely new/different person, and that was what Judy
> simply said.
> As for subsequent posts, we can always blame someone, but that will get
> nowhere. We can say Mr. Ptak shouldn't have blamed someone before
> the facts, or that Judy shouldn't have been so angry because the other
> person was new and didn't know the history, or that Sandy shouldn't have
> added his comment, or that Bob shouldn't say... etc. etc., but we also
> things like this are not always logical. People have feeling, emotion
> also preference and right to opinions. Sometimes we say I understand
> person is wrong, but it is understandable, but the other person
> have done/said this or that, etc. etc., but when we do that we are
> taking side. One side is more understandable, the other is wronger....
> So maybe we should leave this behind. Can we? I still feel it is great
> "know" so many people from this list. I haven't been making prints for a
> while, but I am still on the list. Sometimes when I read emails from
> list or see someone's name on a certain publication, I have that feeling
> hey I know him and that I have't know these people for nearly (or more
> than?) 10 years. Isn't that great? Ten years is a long time. I still
hope to
> meet some of you in person some time. I think that would be cool!
> This list is great. Let us appreciate it and appreciate and celebrate
> knowing each other for a decade!
> Dave S


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