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Date: 03/10/05-12:38:16 PM Z
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Hi All,

I hope I won't get caught in all these arguments and debates, but as an
oldtimer, I must say that I think Judy's original post was neutral, factual,
and you might even call it historical. I don't see anything demeaning in it.
Jewelia did have a sex change. She told the list about it beforehand. If I
remember correctly, she foretold her "death." Since that happened before the
operation, I took not as meaning that she would physically die, but that she
would become a completely new/different person, and that was what Judy
simply said.

As for subsequent posts, we can always blame someone, but that will get us
nowhere. We can say Mr. Ptak shouldn't have blamed someone before checking
the facts, or that Judy shouldn't have been so angry because the other
person was new and didn't know the history, or that Sandy shouldn't have
added his comment, or that Bob shouldn't say... etc. etc., but we also know
things like this are not always logical. People have feeling, emotion and
also preference and right to opinions. Sometimes we say I understand this
person is wrong, but it is understandable, but the other person shouldn't
have done/said this or that, etc. etc., but when we do that we are already
taking side. One side is more understandable, the other is wronger....

So maybe we should leave this behind. Can we? I still feel it is great to
"know" so many people from this list. I haven't been making prints for a
while, but I am still on the list. Sometimes when I read emails from this
list or see someone's name on a certain publication, I have that feeling of
hey I know him and that I have't know these people for nearly (or more
than?) 10 years. Isn't that great? Ten years is a long time. I still hope to
meet some of you in person some time. I think that would be cool!

This list is great. Let us appreciate it and appreciate and celebrate our
knowing each other for a decade!

Dave S
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