Re: Ultrafine Clear Film Epson 2200 transport jams

From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;>
Date: 03/10/05-08:51:00 AM Z
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I'm currently using an Epson 1280 which seems to be GREAT at "paper
handling" :-)

I've had other printers that were far from great! Here is a trick to
try. Spray a full sized sheet of paper LIGHTLY with windex. Put that
sheet, as the ONLY sheet, of paper in the tray and make the printer
advance the paper through the machine. Do that a few times. What you
are doing is lightly cleaning the transport surfaces.

Do NOT use too much windex. You want a sheet of paper, not a bunch of
wet pulp that will get jammed!

Hope that helps.

On Thursday, March 10, 2005, at 05:57 AM, wrote:

> My right roller is active. What I did find is putting a piece of
> printing paper with a Ultrafine on top in the tray works. The paper
> is not drawn thru but the ultrafine pulls thru just fine. Thanks for
> the suggestions.
> George
Tom Ferguson
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