Re: Larger Digital negs by tiling

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Date: 03/09/05-08:26:48 AM Z
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david wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been lurking for a while and have finally decided to take the
> plunge with a somewhat naive question.
> I wish to make larger Gum prints but I don't have a darkroom nor do I
> have a large printer. I'm currently using an Epson 1290 printer for my
> negatives which is limited, I believe, to 13x19 print area.
> Have any of you learned printers ever 'tiled' negatives to produce
> larger images. Is it possible to produce a gum print without lines
> caused by light diffraction where the negs are tiled?

Yes, and yes. It depends a lot on your negative material and on how
careful you are, whether you can successfully tile the negatives
together, but the question was "is it possible" and the answer is yes.
I've had better luck with paper negatives than with Pictorico negatives,
which tend to print an image of the tape at the join and also to be
difficult to butt up against each other exactly, without a slight gap
(dark line) or slight overlap (white line) at the join. With paper
negatives, I've printed whole series of large prints made from 4 11x17
negatives taped together, without any evidence of the tiling whatever.
Katharine Thayer
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