Re: Larger Digital negs by tiling

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Date: 03/10/05-01:10:32 AM Z
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On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Katharine Thayer wrote:

>> Have any of you learned printers ever 'tiled' negatives to produce
>> larger images. Is it possible to produce a gum print without lines
>> caused by light diffraction where the negs are tiled?

I haven't made negatives as large as the ones Katharine describes, but
I've added "annexes" in various proportions, even a different material
(eg, a vellum extension of a lith negative). What worked for me was
avoiding straight edges in favor of irregular borders, if possible along
image lines. Then, if necessary, a few delicate strokes of touch up with
colored pencil or matching paint on a small brush and the join becomes
just about invisible.


> David,
> Yes, and yes. It depends a lot on your negative material and on how
> careful you are, whether you can successfully tile the negatives
> together, but the question was "is it possible" and the answer is yes.
> I've had better luck with paper negatives than with Pictorico negatives,
> which tend to print an image of the tape at the join and also to be
> difficult to butt up against each other exactly, without a slight gap
> (dark line) or slight overlap (white line) at the join. With paper
> negatives, I've printed whole series of large prints made from 4 11x17
> negatives taped together, without any evidence of the tiling whatever.
> Katharine Thayer
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