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>(WHY do people do through SO much trouble to produce digital negatives?

Great! The list offers an honest question that doesn't involve a horrible
argument over sex changes or sexism (as Seinfeld would say "not that
there's anything wrong with that").

Now to the question. There are lots of reasons for making digital


Your original big camera neg isn't perfect (owing to exposure, contrast,
damage, dust, etc.)

Your original small camera neg isn't perfect.

Your original small camera neg is perfect's small.

You used to enjoy making opti-chemically enlarged negs but the materials
have disappeared.

You're interesed in learning how to make opti-chemically enlarged negs
with available materials but fear as soon as you do, those materials will
disappear too.

You don't even know what a non-digital neg is because you shoot digitally.

You can't make a decent inkjet print so you might as well use the printer
for negatives.

You just love having near-molecular level control over detail,
composition and contrast.

You get shingles just thinking about Metol.

There are lots more but others will certainly fill in the blanks.

Oh, I just realized that you said "SO much trouble." If it were so much
trouble, I certainly wouldn't do it!

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