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OK I'll bite...It's the Holy Grail for contact printing the old processes if you prefer not to carry an 8X10 camera (or larger) around with you (doesn't mean you still can't I realize there are still valid reason to). Not to mention Digital Negs virtually eliminate scratches and dust and allow you to completely control contrast in the final product. For me it's all about the final product. I'll keep shooting 35mm and medium format film negs if and where it gives me a technical leg up, but a film neg to me is just the acquisition medium it can just as easily be a digital capture. I haven't seen very many negs hanging in peoples' houses or on the walls of galleries. In the end isn't that [getting it out there for people to see] what it's all about?

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  Okay, y'all.....An elementary/probing/basic/hopefully-stimulating/pseudo-rhetorical/thread-starting question here.....okay?

  (((WHY do people do through SO much trouble to produce digital negatives?)))

  Seriously now.

  Think about it.

  I really am interested, not because I can't imagine why, but to hear people verbalize it. <grin> What is the root intention here?
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