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Ms Seigel,

My interpretation of your communication is done, as with everyone else not
on a judicial bench, without "authority". Your remark to me seemed open to
very little interpretation, and I still find it demeaning and

I think that your references to me, personally ("sounding off in
ignorance", being "too judgmental...for reality". being a possible sexist
and so on) are unfortunate.

John Ptak

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> I don't know who you are or from whence comes your authority to interpret
> (or, I suspect, misinterpret) my words. You have yet to contribute any of
> your own -- and it's always struck me as an especially cheap shot when a
> lurker dashes out from the safety of his/her cave to denounce what they
> never helped build and have hardly a clue about. So, besides sounding off
> in ignorance (what I said above is the absolute literal truth, and I
> daresay how the character herself would have put it), you may be too
> judgmental/refined/sensitive/conventional for this list -- let alone for
> reality. (Also sexist? You have yet to denounce a man thusly, at least on
> this list, and there have been a few quite denounceable moments this
> season.)
> True, I am a tad puzzled -- what in the world bothered you enough to break
> silence? How would YOU have put it? Perhaps you've had a sex change
> yourself (or one of your near and dear ones has) and are super-sensitive
> on the subject? Relax. Really. I have simply told the truth as Jewelia
> herself told it -- to me and to whoever else would listen, ever and always
> laying it on with trowel, hammer, and gusto -- plus often enough no small
> amount of charm. (Jewellia, of course, was Jewellia Margarita Cameroon,
> who knew a great deal about paper and processes and whose departure from
> the list was regretted by many. Her birth name was Richard someone.)
> As it happens, however, the NEXT character was rather stronger, tho from
> some (obviously misplaced) delicacy of my own I omitted to mention that
> the person s/he became directly upon the demise of "Jewellia" had a
> longish name ending in "Poor Cunt" -- the prefix escapes me now. The
> persona was (maybe someone else can help with this), I think Native
> American (?).
> Somewhere or other, unless I needed the space and discarded it, I have
> Poor Cunt's ramble about several of her incarnations...(I thought Poor
> Cunt was the weakest, and so doubly doubt it was the last.)
> I had, however, spent two full weeks of my remaining time on earth
> attempting to satisfy J. with an edit of her "article" for Post-Factory,
> which was promised to be about Uranium printing. S/he changed her mind --
> several times -- and ultimately declared that it was to be "performance
> art" about her character(s) or some form of written art, I forget the
> exact term, and would require the entire issue.
> Moreover, having been dissatisfied with exposure in "alternative
> photography," the audience being too small, and a recent show at a
> university having been a disappointment, s/he had decided to head for a
> different arena.
> At that point I cut my losses. So, I suggest, might you.
> Judy
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