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> My choice is Spectra Professional. This is a high end
> light meter, the only standard in a movie production.
> If you buy secondhand SPECTRA COMBI - 500 - the sky is the
> limit.
> Milenko
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   The Spectra is based on the original design by Don
Norwood for the meter later sold as the Norwood Professional
and still sold with few changes by Sekonick. The Spectra has
a larger selenium cell and the Combi version has an
electronic cell for low light levels.
   The value of this meter is that it can be used for
measuring lighting ratios as well as overall lighting.
   It was very certainly used widely in the motion picture
industry but spot meters are more widely used now.
   I don't think the Spectra has been made for some years
although they are still supportable. Quality Light Metric,
in Hollywood, can still repair and calibrate them.

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