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HI John, and everyone.

Judy responded quite strongly, true, but even I did not
know if she was telling the straight truth or making a
wise crack... I knew nothing of the HE/SHE thing but it is
always safest to confirm the intention first before

So many of the things people do or say that we take as
offensive are actually not as rude as we think they are...

Communication is a very difficult art.


OH, I forgot what I came here to ask!

What is the difference (to us) between a papermaking mold
is that is "wove not laid"?

Does anyone know which common fine art papers we are
likely to come across, is internally sized with 'Aquapel'?


> I don't know Jewelia but I find this last remark
> regarding her as unkind and
> unacceptable and unfunny. Biting personal remarks
> should at least be made
> personally and should not be the fodder for attempts
> at mild public
> amusement. John Ptak

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