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Date: 06/26/05-08:34:35 PM Z
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On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 21:54:35 -0400, you wrote:

> I sometimes must think in terms of an archives full of 1000 s of disks.
> Often the extra storage on a DVD is not needed. It takes longer to burn a
> DVD. A CD is easier and quicker to copy The extra cost and time becomes
> significant if you are making 5000 discs.

        Dunno. Perhaps I just don't understand but frankly if I had 1000's of CD's
of images, I would much rather divide that number by 5. Data transfer is
faster for DVD recording so the extra time per disk is actually offset by
the higher data transfer rate along with the lower number of total disks.
In fact you would realize a significant cost savings.

        That said, if I were archiving that much data, I'd store everything on
hard drives. 3 X 400GB drives setup in a RAID5. One extra set for
redundancy. I use only Seagate drives for my workstation. I don't run a
RAID though my motherboard does have a softeware RAID chip. If I did I'd
use 3Wares card for the RAID.

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