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Date: 06/26/05-08:46:23 PM Z
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> One disk is only used for images, so it is kept
> clean from viruses (at least this has been the case so far).

        Since we're talking about computers, I setup my system with 3 X 160GB
drives with 2 drives allocated for Windows and one for Linux. All three
drives are on keyswitches and installed in removeable trays. I partitioned
my primary drive into 3 logical drives and installed in this fashon :

        C: - Windows
        D: - Programs
        E: - My Documents

        I use Drive Image to backup my entire drive to the secondary drive which
means that drive is only run a few hours per week. I backup My Documents to
DVD+R about once every 3 months. Viruses and spyware are never an issue for
me. I don't use Internet Explorer or Outlook/Outlook Express and I never
open an email from someome I don't know. Lastly, I have email addresses
setup for specific needs such as the one that I use only for this list. If
I see a sudden increase in the amount of SPAM/USE from one address, I
simply delete that account.

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