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Date: 06/26/05-08:11:19 PM Z
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Film might work pretty well. As I recall, mylar base B&W film has a lifetime
of at least 100 years. That's what libraries use to make microfilm and
microfisch. The digital data could be recorded of that.
Of course, you would need a recorder and a playback device.

We put several hundred VHS tapes on VCD using CD-Rs. The best thing about
digital as opposed to analog is that you can make copies that are as good as
the original.

Bob S.

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<br><br><br>&gt;From: Judy Seigel &lt;;<br>&gt;Reply-To:<br>&gt;To:<br>&gt;Subject: Re: Archival
CDs<br>&gt;Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 14:23:12 -0400
(EDT)<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;On Sat, 25 Jun 2005, John
wrote:<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt; CD-R = 700MB @ $0.20<br>&gt;&gt; DVD+R =
4.7GB @ $0.50<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt; Hmmmm, holds 6.5X as much data and
yet costs only about 2.5X as <br>&gt;&gt;much.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;That's
assuming you already have the DVD burner and player of <br>&gt;course... but
I seriously doubt anyway that the cost of the disk <br>&gt;itself is an
issue... after all, zip discs cost $10 or $12 apiece <br>&gt;and we used
them as backup when (probably) the ratio of our file <br>&gt;size to the
disc may have been not all that different from file to <br>&gt;CD today...
(Well, the math escapes me on this Gay Pride day, but I <br>&gt;know I had
many and always needed more.)<br>&gt;<br>&gt;As for care &amp; grooming of
CDs, the &quot;jewel cases&quot; are also very cheap <br>&gt;on sale at
Staples &amp;, unlike the disks, reusable. I stack the cases <br>&gt;in the
original box they came in, that is, vertically, as I was told <br>&gt;to do.
As for labeling them, I've found entirely unlabeled disks are <br>&gt;an
accident waiting to happen. So I number them (index kept on hard
<br>&gt;copy, that is, on pieces of paper I'm pretty sure I could find in an
<br>&gt;emergency) by Sharpie just at the clear center part with no action
<br>&gt;underneath -- hard to read of course, but there in
case,<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Meanwhile, thanks for reminder to keep renewing the
discs-- but <br>&gt;isn't there some kind of service where we could put
those discs <br>&gt;(disks, can't make up my mind) back into analog for
absolute <br>&gt;lifetime safety? I mean, get them on film while film still
<br>&gt;exists????? As I recall, there used to be something called a film
<br>&gt;recorder... does it go in reverse?<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Is this offtopic?
I don't think so. Clearly digital underpins a <br>&gt;great deal of
&quot;alt&quot; function, and we need all the function we can
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