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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/26/05-12:23:12 PM Z
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On Sat, 25 Jun 2005, John wrote:
> CD-R = 700MB @ $0.20
> DVD+R = 4.7GB @ $0.50
> Hmmmm, holds 6.5X as much data and yet costs only about 2.5X as much.

That's assuming you already have the DVD burner and player of course...
but I seriously doubt anyway that the cost of the disk itself is an
issue... after all, zip discs cost $10 or $12 apiece and we used them as
backup when (probably) the ratio of our file size to the disc may have
been not all that different from file to CD today... (Well, the math
escapes me on this Gay Pride day, but I know I had many and always needed

As for care & grooming of CDs, the "jewel cases" are also very cheap on
sale at Staples &, unlike the disks, reusable. I stack the cases in the
original box they came in, that is, vertically, as I was told to do. As
for labeling them, I've found entirely unlabeled disks are an accident
waiting to happen. So I number them (index kept on hard copy, that is, on
pieces of paper I'm pretty sure I could find in an emergency) by Sharpie
just at the clear center part with no action underneath -- hard to read of
course, but there in case,

Meanwhile, thanks for reminder to keep renewing the discs-- but isn't
there some kind of service where we could put those discs (disks, can't
make up my mind) back into analog for absolute lifetime safety? I mean,
get them on film while film still exists????? As I recall, there used to
be something called a film recorder... does it go in reverse?

Is this offtopic? I don't think so. Clearly digital underpins a great
deal of "alt" function, and we need all the function we can get.

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