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Date: 06/26/05-12:43:05 PM Z
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On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Ed Stander wrote:

> Judy:
> I use adaptec "Easy CD Creator" to copy CDs. It came with my computer.
> Other CD copy programs do the same thing - ie: they allow one to copy a CD
> image to the hard drive. That image can then be used to make as many
> copies as one wants without resorting to the original CD. As mentioned,

Ed, thanks for the elucidation, but something else occurs to me. If I
read you correctly, you do NOT keep the original file on the hard drive or
any computer, but only on CDs? Perhaps wrongly so, but the very thought of
my precious unique irreplaceable photographs only on CD makes me feel

I back on CD just in case my hard drive goes blooey, and still have some
hard drive gigabytes in reserve. I suppose that's possible because to date
my photo files rarely go more than 20 mb (hardly a speck in the eye of
current neg action but enough for now -- and the original camera jpegs are
much smaller, I keep them too.) Am I still tempting fate?

Meanwhile, this discussion makes me think -- as long as the topic of
*cost* comes up, why not back on those little, I forget what they're
called, like keychain drives? As I recall their gigabytes are cheap too,
and they're reusable... (I use a lot of CD space to back work in progress,
as is irrelevant by the finale.) Aren't they more archival than disks?

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