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From: Ed Stander ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/24/05-12:42:46 PM Z
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 I use adaptec "Easy CD Creator" to copy CDs. It came with my computer.
Other CD copy programs do the same thing - ie: they allow one to copy a CD
image to the hard drive. That image can then be used to make as many
copies as one wants without resorting to the original CD. As mentioned,
the nice thing about this (which you don't get with a simple copy CD
command) is the careful checking and rechecking of data before it goes on
the hard drive. In my case, a CD that refuses to copy (or even play) by
normal means, goes through without a hitch using one of these programs.
  What more can one ask for 50$ these days?
  Best- Ed.
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