Mat and print size

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Hi George...... ......
           I also agree with you on a minimum of 2 1/2 inch mat boarder
........ I also like the look of a uniform measurement around the image and
dislike a wieghted bottom or the " optical center" technique....
          What do you think on a 20x24 image and a 16x20 should have as
far as a boarder width? ..................
          When you say you use a 3/16 inner mat, are you talking about mat
thickness or the inner mat ecge distance between the two mats?

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> An 11X14 in a 16X20 mat (actually I would an 11X15 or a 10X14 image size)
in a 16X20. That give you a 2 1/2 or 3" mat on the sides. I always make
all sides the same size. And I always double mat with a 3/16" inner mat.
Usually dark brown or black.
> I flatten my prints in a large dry mount press (DO NOT DRY MOUNT) and
attach them to the mat at the top only. I use 100% cotton rag mat.
> The biggest thing to remember is a good mat job is not seen. The frame or
the mat should NEVER be more of an attraction than the image. This always
applies except if your are a framer in a mat cutting contest at a framing
> I will bring some framed pieces to APIS and we can discuss fine points if
you like.
> George

IMO with a 16X20" mat I would leave about 2 1/2 to 3" on each size. Lets
you frame an 11X15" at 2 1/2. Don't go any smaller on the mat as it makes
it look like you were skimping to save money. Better too big than too

I owned a large framing business and have cut 1000's of mats.


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