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That is a good plan only if you happen to need 2 16x20, and some small sizes. Most of the time you would be wasting mat board. If you have a wholesale framing supply co in your area a 32X40 is only about 6$. So 4 16X20's works out to about 1.50 each. Mat board is about the least expensive part of the framing project.


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>Subject: Re: Optimized Print and Mat sizes.

>Optimum use of the 32X40 is 13X20, as taught by Henry Guilpin through MPC
>(Monterey Peninsula College) a Jr. College in Calif. Cut the 32 inch in
>half, makes 2 16X40, then cut the 40 into three at 13 inches to get one inch
>by 16 extra . . . in any case, you get six mats instead of four. Good matt
>size for 5X7, 8X10 or 11X14
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>> One size of a stock sheet of mat board at the wholesale level is 32 x 40
>> inches ........
>> Optimum use of 32 x40 would be to cut it into 4 exact pieces of 16x20 in
>> size... What would be a good size "minimum" boarder for this size mat?
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