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As for 4X5 . . . Will Giles made a portfolio of 4X5 contacts called PEARLS.
He mounted them on the top 1/3 of 11X14 board. The set was put in a linen
folding portfolio case. They sold in a set of 12 for $7,000, very
successfully. But, he's Will Giles.

My prefernce is to mount pictures in the center of the board. That puts the
signature below center and draws the eye to the signature. Considered a
foible by many, for it is said to distract from the picture.

Now-a-days, I mount prints in the center, almost everything on 16X20, or
20X24 only because it makes it continuous for exhibition.

Since, today's work is for a book publisher, each picture will be scanned
for publication I corner mount behind the window matt; and these on 16X20 in
the center include transparencies. I use black board. In this way, I can
put everything in a 16X20 portfolio box with interleaving between each
picture. In include a pair of white gloves in each box.

For center mounting, I sign on the back of the print, if dry mounted, on the
back of the board; and on the front at the bottom right, with number of
print, and number of series at the left corner -- on the outside of the
window matt.

In that way, the signature is either part of the display, or can be covered
by an overmatt if the owner wants to emphasize the picture.

This decision is part of your signature and is a decision you should make
for yourself.

I only went with 16X20 for everything because one gallery remounted all my
work on 13X15 (a la Brett Weston) to 16X20; at my expense and that showed
well so I continue that way with the additional advantage to use 16X20
portoflio boxes for everything. I rarely print a 16X20 inch photograph; and
in that case, carry them on 20X24 inch board in a folder rather than a box.

Then, you get into how to matt stuff for a museum exhibition; and that's a
whole nother discussion.

S. Shapiro
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> Does anyone with a lot of experience in matting and framing know what
> size
> boarders are most attractive for 4x5, 5x7, 8x10 , 11x14 16x20,
> 20x24..?......... Appearance wise , offering the most impact , what is
> the
> nicest not considering waste?........... Please be specific ......
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> John Cremati
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