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Date: 07/30/05-10:04:04 PM Z
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Got to stay on topic, so here's a gum/cyanotype print of an old Chevy
rusting away in the Great Swamp.

You must have been out of your mind to sell an unmolested original CJ5 with
only 3k miles! And a Packard Clipper?! I'm crying a thousand tears for
you. BTW, next time you get the urge to sell your classic cars, call me

Best regards,
Dave in Wyoming

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> >>>If a nickname or internet handle is used to disguise one's real
> while offensive and inflammatory material is posted, then that's a real
> problem. But that's not usually the case.>>>
> I agree with you, Dave. BYW, I am a fellow Jeep lover. Worst mistake, sold
a one owner CJ5 with three thousand original miles and no off road use.
Second mistake, sold a two owner, '55 Packard Clipper, almost no miles and I
knew both owners. Other stories for another time, perhaps.
> If using your real name were a requirement, Yahoo would perhaps say so. If
a group owner demands a real name, it should be made clear to all who join.
> I use my real name, so it is not a problem for me.
> Bob
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