Re: posting with anonymity or with a fictitious name

From: Bob Maxey ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/29/05-10:08:44 PM Z
Message-id: <BAY5-DAV107DEEC787B517EC47C023E6C10@phx.gbl>

>>>If a nickname or internet handle is used to disguise one's real identity
while offensive and inflammatory material is posted, then that's a real
problem. But that's not usually the case.>>>

I agree with you, Dave. BYW, I am a fellow Jeep lover. Worst mistake, sold a one owner CJ5 with three thousand original miles and no off road use. Second mistake, sold a two owner, '55 Packard Clipper, almost no miles and I knew both owners. Other stories for another time, perhaps.

If using your real name were a requirement, Yahoo would perhaps say so. If a group owner demands a real name, it should be made clear to all who join.

I use my real name, so it is not a problem for me.

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