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> Though the chemistry is crucial, it is
> a very physical process and my coating methods are probably unlike the
> Fressons', which translates into slightly different asethic . . . void of
> egoism . . . I prefer my rendition. Exactly how this plays out is still
> open, but I plan to have the capability to print my own work, as well as to
> someday provide workshop instruction and materials for general use. That's
> one short statement, which requires one heck of a lot of time and money .
. .
> as I write this note equipment and pieces and parts are in shipment.
Hi ART, Thanks for reawakening my long term interest in Direct Carbon since,
as you may recall, I had been researching these processes since 1990 when I
was introduced to the work of Jose Ortiz Echague and also made the acquaintance
of Bill Foster , a friend of Echague who knew him personally and used to
print on Fresson paper when it was no longer available to the general public. Bill
was very helpful to me and I must resume contact to let him know how things
are going.
              One thing we oftened discussed was why the Fressons decided to
discontinue the manufacture and sale of their Direct Carbon paper. Also, why
Luis Nadeau also withdrew his business interests in making Direct Carbon paper
and printing for clients.
               I would be most interested to hear your views on this and
whether you see a viable future in resuming production and marketing of Direct
Carbon paper in a similar way to that of Carbon transfer. Even though I developed
a system of my own to make the paper in a similar way to yourself it would be
so much more convenient to be able to purchase it ready made. When you
consider the number of years that the Fressons were selling their product to the
amateur market one wonders how many genuine prints on Fresson paper are out
there floating around. Then there are the actual prints made by the Fresson
studio, of course.
                My energy and finance almost ran out on the issue of finding
a corporate backer for the production of my own Direct Carbon paper but maybe
it would still be possible as I am now retired from full time occupation and
can devote some more time to the PR aspects, but sorry, APIS is somewhat beyond
my reach, as it must also be for thousands of others, worldwide, with
enthusiasm for this subject.
                               Speak later. Sincerely
                                              John - Photographist
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