Re: posting with anonymity or with a fictitious name

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/29/05-11:28:01 AM Z
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Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
> In my understanding, this list is against anonymous posts or posts
> with fictitious names. Can someone clarify this?

There's not an actual rule, but since it is a professional list most
people use their actual names as would befit a professional forum. We
had a discussion about it a couple of years ago and it seemed to me that
while there was no formal decision by the list management, at least it
seemed to be the the preference of the folks who responded that people
identify themselves honestly. I personally give less credence to
information posted by anyone who posts with a handle rather than their
actual name.

I once belonged to a moderated list (with a very strict moderator) where
one of the rules was that you had to sign your posts with both your
first and last names. I had several posts sent back to me with a curt
note "This cannot be posted to the forum until they are signed with both
your first and last name") before I got in the habit of always signing
with my full name, which is why I still often do that here.
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