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> You might want to contact Art Chikalis, who (I believe) is on this

In an article titled "Une Visite a l'Atelier Fresson," Art describes his
own actual visit to the still living studio of the ultra secret Fresson
society (somewhat on a par with the Turin Shroud society, I gather) along
with a recent photo of himself at the atelier with several other people,
two of whom are named Fresson.

This in Post-Factory #9, which also has my own article on the history of
Fresson, Fresson mystique, supposed Fresson, claimed Fresson,
pseudo-Fresson, published Fresson, wannabe Fresson, and possible Fresson,
plus a summary of what "Fresson" was taken to be, as the term itself
changed meaning through much of the 20th century, via the changing
definitions & how-to of "The Dictionary of Photography" -- or, actually,
the "Artigue-Fresson-Gum troika" in successive editions, among other info,
unto a pile of small-type footnotes.

In his article, Art defines Fresson ("a direct carbon printing process
similar to gum in that the image is developed without transfer, yet
similar to carbon in that a monochrome print can be rendered in a single
printing"), then goes on AND ON about the beauty of the process. He's had
a thing about Fresson for, I gather, most of his adult life, has lately
had a major breakthrough, which .... (here my info trails off).

Meanwhile, it's hard to see why the nature of the negative, digital or
analog, should be defining, since properly curved digital negatives are
used in various related processes. (Although I daresay if that's not the
case, I will be corrected.)

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