RE: Best Way to Post Prints?

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Date: 07/29/05-05:13:26 PM Z
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Grace, The newer PS CS and CS2 have a neat tool for merging scans or shots.
I have used it with great success to scan large photo album pages to be
included in video presentations for clients. The copy stand with the
digital should work fine. If you have a set of color bars so much the
better. How about a gray card if you don't have the color bars. This should
give you a good way to assure good color. Calibrated scanners are better
than those without a profile; even my cheap HP does fine with a good scanner

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> Subject: Best Way to Post Prints?
> The iceberg prints got me to debating, again, how best to digitize some of
> my prints to post on the Web. All that I have at my ready disposal on the
> hardware side are a consumer, 8 x 11 flatbed scanner and a midrange
> (decent) digital camera. At this point, all the images I want to post are
> from 8x10 contacts—platinum prints and a few gums--but I plan on doing
> some
> triptychs from multiple 8x10 negatives later. Another limiting factor is
> that the size of my paper is bigger than the scanner by a couple of inches
> all the way around, but I could either make special prints on smaller
> paper
> to scan or leave the lid open during the scans.
> Right now, I’m leaning toward using the camera and a primitive copy stand,
> but either method should yield better than screen resolution. How are
> other
> folks out there getting this done? Any tips for scan/camera resolution
> and
> final image size, resolution, and color depth for the Web?
> Thanks!
> -Schuyler
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