Re: New Epson's and PDN

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Date: 07/27/05-07:31:21 AM Z
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I'm still testing the 2400; seems every time I get started some other
task or travel comes along. So far, the negs for pt/pd look very good
(using a colorized scheme) but I don't know about silver yet. My initial
results seem to suggest that the new Advanced B/W Mode isn't good for
negative making.

For prints, the 2400 is stunning. I just taught at ICP where we made
comparison prints on the 4000 and 2400 and it was incredible to watch the
4000 prints change color as we took them from fluroescent to tungsten to
daylight. The 2400's remained almost perfectly neutral. The 4000 actually
has more metamerism than the 2200 and has something of a funky paper path

Speaking of paper paths, the 2400 handles stock up to 1.5mm but feeds
from the FRONT to the BACK. Strange but effective.

Anyway, when I know more about the negs on the 2400 I'll let you know.


>I'm about ready to buy a printer. I'm leaning towards a 2400 - but I'm VERY
>concerned about the zillions of possible problems that can arise. I know
>the 2200 works, but the prices are still incredibly high for them (when you
>can find them not refurbished). I can also pick up a 4000 for $1.4k. I'm
>considering that as well. I haven't heard from anyone who is currently
>making negs on a 2400 - good or bad. So, if you are - please speak up!

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