Re: Kallitype humidity problems

From: Nels Johnson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/16/05-11:51:24 AM Z
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Chris and Sandy,

Thanks much for your replies. The paper I am using is Rives BKF, but
I have given it an additional modest (half) coating of gelatin and
Glyoxal. From what I've read that shouldn't present any problems.
Which brings up another questions. Since I am only using half the
recommended amount of gelatin (7 gr of gelatin ((photo grade rather
than Knox)) per 500ml of distilled water) I am using half the
recommended amount of Glyoxal (2.5ml per 500 ml of water), or does
the amount of glyoxal not cause speckles or streaking problems?
Sigh, so many questions, so far to go.

So, it is certainly possible that perhaps brush contamination or
brushing technique is the culprit. I will redouble my efforts in
those areas to see if I can't eliminate any possible problems there.

Your responses have given me the courage to continue on with the
Kallitype process.

Thanks again.


On Jul 16, 2005, at 9:52 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> I have been having problems with streaking and speckling on
>> my prints, which according to Christopher James can be attributed to
>> a workshop with high humidity. There is definitely high humidity
>> there, and since I work in a large communal area, I am thinking it
>> would be easier to change processes than try to dehumidify the entire
>> area.
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