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Date: 07/16/05-11:41:30 AM Z
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Subject: DuPont Velour Black

> Does anyone have any of this paper left?
> What condition is it in?
> Does anyone have pictures made on it?
> Who else here used it and loved it?
> Randy
  I used a lot of Velour Black when I was in highschool and
before, c.mid 1950's. It had the distinction of being the
first enlarging speed paper on the market. Its chief rivals
were Kodabromide and Ansco Brovira. It was very nice paper.
   Most of the prints I made in this period, and all of the
negatives, were lost in some move long ago. I don't like to
think about this.
   There were an enormous variety of papers available at
this time. Also, lots of variations of a given paper. Kodak
and Ansco had a great many combinations of surfaces,
textures, and stock tints. I think most of these fancy
surfaces would not be acceptable to current photographers.
Many were made to reduce the amount of retouching necessary
on portraits.
  Its difficult to compare these papers to modern ones,
one's memory is apt to be selective. I used paper by various
manufacturers at the time, the choice often being dictated
by cost.
   Velour Black has been discontinued for decades. Its
possible that some might still be around but probably too
badly fogged for use.

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